This is going to be the place where I will upload pictures of my upcoming projects.

The first project that I am working on is going to be restoring machine B from my recent job for John Smith. Currently I am lacking a hard drive and a disc drive, but both of those I will be able to acquire without too much effort. I am going to be assembling what pieces I have, and documenting the process for you in the upcoming days and hope to have the whole machine assembled by Christmas. I’m also thinking about upgrading some of the parts with the money from the John Smith job, but on the other hand I’m not totally sure what I want to spend the money on LOL.

Either way, I will have pictures up soon for the Machine B construction.

Also in this section I will provide links to other DIY projects that either I have tried and succeeded with or have wanted to do and would like feedback for. I have a list of said links saved on my laptop, I just need to go through and pick out which ones I want to start with.

More soon!


EDIT: Check out this little DIY for some extra Christmas cheer! Great for the drinkers out there, try red lights in a Jim Beam bottle 😉

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